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Opticians San Francisco

Rims and Goggles in San Francisco provides leading opticians services in the San Francisco, Union Sqaure and Presidio Heights areas. Our state-of-the-art opticians dispense the finest quality lenses. We have a vast array of fashionable eyeglass rims from the world’s finest designers, our own iconic brand, real Buffalo horn rims, and outstanding working relationships with top laboratories. Lenses are available in single vision formats, for reading or distance correction. Our Multi-focal lenses provide multi-function, which helps improve vision in a variety of settings. Progressive lenses work like a bifocal or trifocal. The difference is aesthetics: a progressive lens has no line separating the different zones, lending a clean, seamless appearance to the lenses. We also offer “Office” lenses for use in environments such as the office or studio, where focus is generally kept within a 2 to 12 foot radius. These lenses are similar to standard progressive lenses, except that the top of the lens serves the intermediate viewing range, rather than distance (as in a traditional progressive). These lenses prevent the wearer from extensive head tilting (to access the narrow reading area), which is sometimes associated with standard progressive lenses.

Transition lenses contain a photo-reactive chemical, which unfurls upon exposure to Ultra Violet light. Wearers will then be equipped with a single pair of lenses for both indoor and outdoor use. Carl Zeiss has recently developed  PHOTOFUSION, a proprietary new technology, which allows transition lenses, in their clear state, to achieve an unprecedented 93% transparency. This minimizes the tint, associated with first and second generation transition lenses, which turned many people away from the transitional option.

Lens materials are an important factor in the protection, durability, and clarity of your lenses. We offer lenses in CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and all Hi-Indices, up to 1.74. Your prescription, working environment, and personal needs will influence the choice of lens material. Both Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses feature exceptional impact resistance, and are equipped with a UV filter that helps prevent eye damage. Anti-Reflective Coatings (ARC) are exceptionally valuable and greatly improve the performance of lenses, by eliminating the surface reflections from surrounding light sources, ARC gives the wearer crisp visual acuity. We also offer lenses with a built-in Anti-Fog Coating, so you won’t have to worry about the notoriously messy procedure of placing anti-fog drops onto your lenses.

Our downtown San Francisco laboratory can complete many prescriptions same day. We ship worldwide every week. Call us for your optical needs today.