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Madame Paillette

Deeply layered colors, lush floral prints, and hand-worked rhinestone pavé are just a few of the design signatures of the inimitable new collection from Patty Paillette. We took a moment to catch up with Patty and learn more about her truly unconventional brand.

When did you realize that designing eyewear is your passion?

My passion for eyewear was always part of my life, because I need optical glasses myself. I remember in the past, I would always buy them at vintage boutiques in Manhattan, because the eyewear in the store I could never find. So funky and cool!

What motivates you each day when you wake up?

I love to create a new vision. I love to transmit my passion and my energy to the world.

From what do you draw your inspiration? What keeps your going?

As a designer things come, they just come to us. Something we have inside. It is easy for a designer – you need to listen to your soul.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for 20 years. Before eyewear, I design clothing and dresses for many celebrities in Los Angeles. About five years ago, I really feel i want to create my own eyewear collection, and create the eyewear I wish to wear myself. I’m so happy to do it, and create a real Italian, hand-made product. Eyewear is the best thing to do right now because the world needs new and cool eyewear. It is so sad when you see everyone with the same look because they wear commercial eyewear.

How many countries do you sell your frames?

I sell my frames in many countries, just the best and the most professional optical stores in USA , Canada , Italy , France , Asia and other nice cities around the world!

Do you travel frequently? If so, what is your favorite city in the whole world?

I travel a lot for Holidays. I love Bali, Indonesia. For business, I love many cities: Manhattan, Rome, London , Los Angeles, San Francisco , Paris , and many others. 

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