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Sunglasses San Francisco

Sunglasses are about more than just looking cool. UV light is very harmful to your retina. Over time, UV light waves damage your retina. Because the damage is slow and silent, many people ignore the importance of sunglasses.

Beyond the health of your eyes, not wearing sunglasses is simply uncomfortable. It leads to squinting, eye aches, fatigue, and wrinkles. If you’re driving a lot, avoiding sunglasses can be a serious danger to you and other drivers. Keep your eyes relaxed and fresh with 100% UVA, UVB and polarization.

At Rims and Goggles of San Francisco, we offer the most fashionable sunglasses in the San Francisco, Presidio Heights, and Union Square areas. Our unrivaled collection of exclusive, artistic, designer sunglasses and eyewear rims include our own iconic glasses, developed by Rims & Goggles, as well as, designer brands

In addition to traditional sun-protective lenses, we offer transition lenses, which contain a photo-reactive chemical that unfurls upon exposure to ultraviolet light, thereby darkening the lens. These lenses can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Carl Zeiss has also developed a new proprietary technology named PHOTOFUSION, which allows transition lenses, in their clear state, to achieve an unprecedented 93% transparency. This nearly eliminates the tint (in the clear state) often associated with first generation transition lenses. For the absolute finest in prescription sunglasses and transition lenses, call us today.

Our experienced, professional staff will help you choose stylish sunglasses that will enhance your individual style, as well as, address your corrective needs. For the most exceptional sunglasses in San Francisco, Union Square and Presidio Heights areas, call R&G San Francisco: (800) 551-6511, or visit our exclusive boutiques today.