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Eyewear San Francisco

At Rims and Goggles of San Francisco, we offer the most iconic and exclusive designer eyewear in the San Francisco, Presidio Heights, and Union Square areas. Our unrivaled collection of exclusive, artistic, designer eyewear, sunglasses and eyewear rims include our own iconic eyewear, developed by Rims & Goggles, as well as brands such as Redux, BlackFin, SPIN, Chanel, Undostrial, PQ by Ron Arad, and many more.

We provide rims for prescription eyewear, as well as, for sun-wear. We feature our own label by “Rims and Goggles.” We also carry our own Rims & Goggles Horn Collection, which is made exclusively from Buffalo horn. Frames are crafted from the horn of water Buffalo. We are careful to ensure that no animals are harmed during the harvesting process. It is a sustainable process, which sources tusk from south-east Asia.

Buffalo Horn has a delicate coloring and buttery feel that is often imitated but difficult to duplicate in plastics. It requires master opticians to supervise the lensing process and requires optimum care while mounting the lenses into place. Customization is possible with horn, however this can take up to 12 weeks. The Rims and Goggles Handworks collection is hand crafted in Germany.

Lenses are available in single vision formats, for reading or distance correction. Our multi-focal lenses, which help you see both near and far, are also available. Multi-focals can help improve vision in a variety of settings. Our experienced, professional staff will help you choose customized eyewear to enhance your distinctive style, as well as, address your unique corrective needs.