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Digital Eye Fatigue

If you spend more than 4 hours per day using a digital device, you should consider special lenses to protect your eyes from high-energy blue light. This wavelength of light, typically between 460-470nm, can cause retina damage, eye strain, blurred distance vision, fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches.

When enjoying devices such as TV, computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems, the eye stares for an extended period of time and doesn’t blink. If you aren’t equipped with the right eyewear for your environment and working distance, your neck and seating position will suffer. This can lead to aches in your neck and back. Your eyes – fighting glare and contrast can cause blurred vision and dry, itchy eyes.

Typically, the most common source of high energy blue light is the sun. But today, most people are exposed to this glare through their mobile phone displays, computer monitors, LED lighting, and florescent lights. The damaging effects are cumulative, making it important to invest in a pair of computer lenses early. An outstanding new lens on the market that will reduce blue light damage is the Crizal Prevenzia, which reduces harmful blue light by 20%, but allows beneficial light to enter. It also offers excellent UV protection and great transparency.