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Sunglasses for Kids San Francisco

Get the Absolute Finest Sunglasses for Kids San Francisco Has to Offer

Rims and Goggles of San Francisco (RGSF) carries the finest sunglasses for kids in San Francisco

It’s that time of year! Back to school is the time to find the most fashionable, functional and reliable sunglasses for kids in San Francisco. Here at Rims and Goggles of San Francisco (RGSF), we carry the most trendy, iconic and designer sunglasses for kids in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

It doesn’t matter if your child needs glasses to see. Sunglasses should be used by every single member of the family, from birth. Young children have less protection against harmful UV light. Kid’s are now exposed to an increasingly high amount of harmful HEV Blue Light. This is the light in the wavelength just after Ultraviolet, and it is emitted by next-gen light bulbs, monitors, cell phones, and tablets. New studies from the top Universities prove that Blue Light also disturbs your circadian rhythm, interfering with your natural sleep cycle. Poor quality of sleep has so many bad effects on your life at home, work, as well as appetite and hormonal balance.

We cordially invite you to visit our store to view our selection of sunglasses for kids in many shapes, colors and styles. Our unique collection of sunglasses for kids in San Francisco was created exclusively for kids and teenagers and are truly the latest in kids’ fashion!

Need prescription sunglasses for kids in San Francisco? No problem. Our opticians and on-site lab can create unique sunglasses for kids with prescription lenses, tailored to fit your selective child or teenager.

In addition, we can customize any of our infant and toddler frames with darkened lenses. For example, the KIN frame by SPIN is a lightweight, comfortable little frame which is perfect for young kids around 1 to 2 years old. It is very durable and is created from the lowest-density plastic on the face of the Earth – patented by a lab in Switzerland.

We can produce sunglasses for toddlers too, to protect your child’s eyes from harmful light. For kids 2-5 years old, try the Rascal, Toddler or Rookie by Solo Bambini—a functional, one-piece design also designed with a “living hinge” to stand up to plenty of wear and tear. Or, you can try the ABC, a unisex style by SPIN. Any of the infant and toddler frames can be fitted with darkened or prescription lenses by our caring, trusted opticians, and the prescription lenses are masterfully assembled in our state-of-the-art lab (on site).

For the best sunglasses for kids in San Francisco, call Rims and Goggles of San Francisco (RGSF) today:
(800) 511-6511.