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Lightweight Childrens Eyewear San Francisco

Get the best lightweight Children’s Eyewear San Francisco Has to Offer

Rims and Goggles of San Francisco (RGSF) carries lightweight children’s eyewear in San Francisco

Looking for the best in lightweight children’s eyewear? You’ve found it at Rims and Goggles of San Francisco (RGSF). At RGSF, we offer the most iconic and exclusively-fashionable lightweight children’s eyewear San Francisco has to offer. You’ll be delighted with our wide array of lightweight children’s eyewear, all designed for ultimate comfort for every child—from infancy to adolescence.

Our fashionable, comfortable children’s eyewear include some incredible designs. For example, we carry infant eyeglasses which have been designed with the utmost care and comfort of your baby in mind. For example, the Kin and First Base designs for infants are petite-styled frames by SPIN. Crafted with organic food coloring, hypo-allergenic, nearly unbreakable, lightweight and anti-bacterial material in Switzerland, these infant children’s eyewear are second to none!

The Ace by SPIN is a lightweight, comfy frame which is perfect for kid’s 3 to 4 years old. It’s great flat-round shape. Flexible, and created from one piece with a “living hinge,” these little darlings are made especially for wear and tear.

Try the Lorenzo by SPIN that features a thicker round-shaped rim reminiscent of big, bold styled rims of the 1960’s and 70’s or try the MVP, also by SPIN for kids 3-5 years old. For teens, you may prefer the Rocket, Atlas or Champ by SPIN—fashionable designs with a comfortable fit so you can play all day!

Our lightweight children’s eyewear for older kids include several fashionable, iconic and trendy choices, including: the MVP, Atlas, the Champ—an iconic, rectangular-shaped frame designed by SPIN in San Francisco.

Our lightweight children’s eyewear for teenagers with a taste for the trendy include a terrific selection of iconic, designer eyewear for teenagers.

For the absolute finest in beautifully-designed and artfully crafted lightweight children’s eyewear in San Francisco, trust RGSF to fit your child with the optimum in kid’s lightweight children’s eyewear. Call (800) 511-6511 today.